Easter Egg Explosion

It’s one of those days…. After having survived the strangeness that is Easter, I’m sick home again because those 1000 lymphatic glands in my body have conspired again and it feels like they could explode any second now *argh* I’m short on breath and feeling completely crunched and I can’t get anything done (once again). *sigh* I did manage to make some progress on my little expression exercise inbetween the hours where I’m just liying completely exhausted on my bed and toyed with some other stuff, though. You’re gonna love it, I just can’t tell you much about it yet. Generally there’s a lull in activity and news everywhere, ‘cos naturally everybody is waiting for NAB and saving what little they may have in store for the event to have something to feed to the press. Picasso or Prelude anyone? In a way it’s ridiculous – everybody announces this stuff at the same time and offers special promotions, yet even if you wanted to, most people can only pick up so many of them. You know, upgrading After Effects to CS6 and then perhaps some plug-ins is still gonna cost a lot of dough despite even the biggest discounts. Of course the best price is still free and in a day and age where every local bakery is a Cong-glo-mo company, there’s always a need for world maps and globes. I’ve been using some maps an intern drew/ traced for us years ago on and off (she was a trained cartographer moving into the media industry), but if you’re not as lucky, you can now have one, too, and wrap it onto CC Sphere. And while there, you could perhaps also give Plexus a second look. World maps look so much more interesting with some transportation/ Internet webbing on them….

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