I was born in the small city of Zwenkau near Leipzig in the Eastern part of Germany. Back then those parts were still called German Democratic Republic (GDR) and socialism reigned. Against what many people believe even today we didn’t live on trees and even had electricity. I spent my early childhood in a little village called Eythra which in 1987 ultimately fell victim to coal mining. We had moved to the city of Böhlen nearby in 1984 where I still live today. Pretty much all members of my family live in the area, of which there are of course my beloved mom and dad, my younger brother, my single remaining grandmother and a few cousins, nephews and nices.

Having lived in rural areas all my life I prefer the simpler, quieter life of these regions and enjoy nature. When the weather allows, I do a lot of cycling, exploring the countryside and getting some pounds off. For the same reasons, I respect nature and every living creature and try to abide by rules of ecologically savvy behavior. I don’t drink any alcohol, don’t smoke and don’t do drugs, but know how to enjoy a good party if only it has the right music. My musical tastes are quite varied and include anything from classical to extreme hardtechno and drum&bass, which I also listen to via Internet, my iPod or from my local music collection. In addition to my interest in music, I’m a great fan of various types of movies and TV series with a massive bias to Science Fiction and wartime topics. I don’t do much reading simply ‘cos I don’t have that much time, but when I do, I prefer well-written short stories, fantasy novels and once more Science Fiction.

While I’m otherwise a peaceful man, I have a strong interest in military aviation for its technical and, to my eyes, aesthetical values in terms of how the aircraft are shaped and painted. Therefore I visit every museum of that kind if chance allows. Beside that I’m also very interested in other technical stuff simply because I like to know how things work. However, unlike other male people I find cars completely uninteresting. On the artsy side, I love impressionist and abstract painting and sculpture. I’m not that big a fan of more classical art e.g. from Rembrandt – I find it dull and boring. My interest in art is not limited to painting and sculpting, but also includes typography, clothing/ fashion, furniture design, architecture and musical instruments.

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