Viva La Diva?

This year Eurovision kinda snuck up on me. With my health issues keeping me busy I barely took notice of the going-ons before the semi-finals this week. Unlike in other years the anticipation just wouldn’t build up as usual. That’s not bad, though, as diving in unprepared and being positively surprised can be just as exciting. That’s the primary takeaway from this year’s edition: It was pretty good.

Okay, you could argue that the growing commercialization results in ever more polished and smoothed-over musical fare every year, but there can be no denying that regardless of this the performers actually knew what they were doing – mostly. Nothing worse than someone with a thin voice making it to the final, if you get my meaning. There was an overall positive vibe and lots of cheering, but with Tel Aviv being the epicenter of the gay scene in the middle east, that was little surprise. As I once wrote, indeed the gayest city in the world with all the other LGBTQ people to boot. The show also playfully managed to integrate this in the show with some self-aware poking fun at it. It also managed to pay respect to Israels long and reasonably successful Eurovision history. Lots to love.

There were some not so great moments like Iceland unnecessarily pulling a political stunt and provoking the crowd. I also still can’t get behind the chubby girl. Netta just isn’t good and how she can be so popular eludes me. And of course there’s that thing with Germany not scoring a single point from the public vote. That was certainly unexpected, though not entirely unpredictable in hindsight. I guess the chemistry just wasn’t there in the performance even if the song itself wasn’t any worse than most of the other more average ones. Speaking of half-baked performances – yes, Madonna. After she seemed to have been a real terror during rehearsals, the result was pretty lackluster. It appears she really was just in it for the money…

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