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Make CC (CS7) work for you!

Because last year’s edition still ranks as the top popular post on this little shabby blog of mine, I thought it might be a good idea to update and expand it a little for After Effects CC. Some things stay the same, some things have improved, several things have gotten worse, actually, so let’s cut […]

Go Bananas!

The plot thickens…. As expected, Plant Factory will integrate tightly with Vue. For now we have some banana plants rendered in a misty valley along with the simplified UI in Vue. Mmh, still doesn’t answer any questions, though and their postponing info from week to week already gives me a bad vibe as if the […]


I must admit, as much as I love modo, I haven’t listened to a single modcast in all those years. I always have other things to do and, well, having people talk about creating visual content and software is kinda a weird concept in the first place (FXGuide, do you hear – erm – see […]

Go Green!

My kidney/ ureter problems are killing me. Seriously, my illness is beginning to really get on my nerves. It just sucks when you sit around hier cringing, hoping to find a position that doesn’t hurt as much. That being so, of course I went to bed quite early most of these days and didn’t get […]

No more Boxes!

Just read over at Toolfarm that Adobe will stop shipping boxed versions of their products beginning in May. Not that terribly surprising, given the push for Creative Cloud and generally letting people download stuff. If it wasn’t such a cramp in the rear parts on my crappy 1.5 Mbits DSL, I’d make no note of it […]

7 Flares

Between the expected/ imminent releases of Adobe‘s CS7 line of products, modo 701 and now Sapphire 7 it looks like this is going to be the year of the 7. Lucky or unlucky we will have to see, I guess. For now we have a little teaser summary of some of the new stuff in […]

Colormatch this!

Color correction sucks, plain and simple. You sit there for hours on end, trying to get a consistent look on multiple shots and when you re-open the project the other day, you realize that your “neutral” colors you did in the morning with a pair of fresh eyes are something completely different from the ones […]