Prelude to Invasion?

As CS6 creeps nearer, inevitably we get more scraps of info on the various products (or at least products that we simply assume will be in the final package) by various routes. The latest new product to join the ring (if, like me, you don’t care for Edge and Muse and don’t count them) is code-named Prelude. Obviously they didn’t really show that much, so speculations run high and everyone draws comparisons. To me it looks like a massively pimped amalgam of OnLocation and Adobe Media Encoder, combined with a new unified XML-based project and exchange format (but your grandma could have predicted it – signs and portents) and the usual ingredients like thumbnail previews for storyboard layout, all that metadata stuff and what have you. I’m still 100% sold on Avid, but if Adobe are serious enough, they could now at least be competitive in an area where they have fallen flat on their face all those years. Asset and footage management simply sucks even in CS5.5

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