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3D is not easy in After Effects – even for Stu M.

When he doesn’t lose himself in endless theorizing about the best camera for making your stuff look cinematic or, equally, script writing, I actually admire and enjoy Stu Mashwitz‘ posts. He always manages to express stuff that kinda rummages around in my head, just a million times more elequent and without my hotheadedness. His latest […]

Parting is sweet Sorrow

When it comes to my health and physique, in my life there is now three periods – the one as an obese child, the second where I was doing sports like crazy to get mean and lean and the current one after the onslaught of my illness where I’m back to being that slightly chubby […]

Ortho this!

In its original meaning, orthos means to put things right/make them straight/ straighten them out. A tiny bit of that has happened in the After Effects CS6 update I mentioned in my last post. One of those things that got rectified are the orthogonal camera views, which will make all your favorite 3D-ish plug-ins that […]

"…let’s patch it up together."

Immaculate lines from that wonderful ABBA song Chiquitita and just like I always have this image of those big inflatable Chiquita promotional bananas in my head when hearing it, I kinda always imagine the Adobe apps’ splash screens with a tabber in the top left corner when hearing about updates or patches. Aside from security […]


Know what that little formula up there is? It’s used to calculate the thermal energy of something. Mine is pretty high today, as it’s so far the hottest days of this year and I’m sitting here again rather lightly clad. Of course I write these posts every year, so perhaps I should start complementing them […]

Things with X

While Adobe are promoting CS6 to death and it’s getting slightly annoying to see it everywhere (next thing you’ll know they’ll print promotional toilet paper with those bars and when you wipe your bum, it will look all red and yellow and black), I guess the good news is that I was lucky enough to […]

Beauty never fades?

While the madness of the Adobe CS6 screw-up still continues with endless posts about install issues, non-working features and bad performance for many of the apps, life goes even in the After Effects world. It so happens, that Digital Anarchy have released their Beauty Box plug-in in version 2. Of course extremely good-looking people like […]

Year One

Did anybody notice? Yes, it’s been exactly one year since I posted this to share the joy of the plight (or blight?) that is my illness with the world. So what has happened in that time? I’ve met more doctors than I ever had to visit in my life before. I met good ones, I […]

Make CS6 work for you!

Since Adobe essentially bunked up After Effects CS6 with their hardware gimmicks and some rather nonsensical changes, here’s some general advise I have been repeating for the last several days on forums that may help you to get at least some of your stuff to work. First, the obvious thing to do is to update […]

Prosser.Simons.After Effects

Mini news: If you ever wanted to understand why software developers do what they do and why a lot of that eludes common sense and rationality, here’s your chance to peek into the hive mind of Adobe a bit. Just don’t expect to see any clearer after that. Lots o’ nerdy talkin’ in there…