Donations and Doctors

Since there is really nothing much to write this week other than that I’ve been ill again those past few days with a bronchitis bordering on a pneumonia, I thought I take that opportunity to refresh some older post. I’m pleased that Larry seems to be doing better and things are slowly straightening out a bit, but seeing that I still spend a good deal of money on my pills (prescription charge, of course our care system is otherwise free), I’m beginning to understand how expensive it must be to be sick in some parts of the worlds. So if you have a few bucks, perhaps consider donating. While I was in the clenches of my doctor, who also is a chiropractor, he reminded me of that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to do something for my back while he was wrestling out some blockages in my spine with a firm grip. So I’m seriously considering starting to go to a special kind of preventive/ therapeutic gym to improve the situation and perhaps also get a slightly more toned chest. Just wait for the day when I update my pictures and they need to be landscape just to fit the broad shoulders ;-).

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