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Monday on my Mind…

Since it’s one of those Mondays where a certain kind of people feels the urge to vent all their low IQ nonsense that has been on their mind the whole weekend on forums (the appropriate German term is geistiger Dünnschiss, if you feel like looking it up…), I’m actually quite glad that I keep finding myself a few excuses lately to not post so much any more – in case you haven’t noticed, there are days when I’m not around, which has never been the case in the past. One of those reasons includes now officially visiting the gymnasium at least twice a week! I had my first instruction today and while I have been doing sports for years, in particular intense cycling, it’s quite amazing how many other muscles you have in your body and how much you can feel them, if only stimulated the right way. Mmh, of course, I’m already more attractive beyond all those Clooneys, Pitts and Obamas of this planet, but a few more muscles surely cannot hurt ;-).


One comment on “Monday on my Mind…

  1. > geistiger Dünnschiss
    What a nice way of putting it. I enjoyed reading some of your blogs and stuff in the Adobe forum… ☺

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