Match this!

The Foundry have already been making some waves this year and last year with Nuke, Storm and Mari and while no doubt the After Effects plug-in branch is a pretty minor part of their overall business, we are not being left out. Today they released their Camera Tracker, which had been hinted at ever since NAB. If you are into 3D matchmoving for any kind of effects that require integration with existing footage, it makes an interesting alternative to standalone programs like SynthEyes or PFTrack. Below you can find a cheesy little test I threw together with the trial version.

CameraTracker for After Effects test from Mylenium on Vimeo.

Another release is Kronos, which is kind of a pimped up version of the Timewarp effect in After Effects. Of particular note are the massive performance enhancements based on using your graphics card or massively multithreaded conventional CPU code, which may make buying this stuff worthwile, if you have to process a lot of footage.

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