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Lord, here comes the Flood…

…we will say goodbye to flesh and blood. Most fittingly those two lines from Peter Gabriel‘s song came to mind today for utterly unrelated things. First, when was cycling home from the gym, I was stopped by our local Pleiße river having risen out of its bed after the massive rain from the weekend and […]

Sitting here in Avalon, looking at the pouring Rain…

Well, it’s not quite like in this Billy Joel song, but almost. It’s been raining heavily and without interruption those last 3 days and the dreariness of the weather is causing some severe depressive tendencies on my part. The weekend was über-lame with no chance of getting outside without getting soaking wet, so I mostly […]

The Benchmarking Trap

Further working hard on ruining Adobe‘s public face in the ongoing Flash vs. HTML5 debate, John Nack unwisely cited some – umm, I wouldn’t even call it that, it’s really more a random experiment – benchmark and drew the wrong conclusions. Now apparently he’s a Photoshop Product Manager, so we probably can forgive him for […]

As tough as you can make them

Bad week for Adobe, I guess, with two severe leaks in Acrobat and Flash making the rounds on ze Web and being actively exploited. Now of course that sounds like the shit that is happening everyday and it is, but what is surprising, is that the fix is pretty easy – download the Enhanced Mitigation […]

HTML5 in Illustrator? OMFG!

There must be some secrets to becoming a Product Manager at Adobe and one of them seems to include a requirement to understand your customers as little as possible and instead of giving them working tools, build castles in the sky and feed them with trend-whorish extensions every now and then. That’s pretty much the […]

New Job, new Challenges?

I guess over "The Crisis" and all it was almost predictable with 100% that an X number of companies goes down the drain and that fate seems now imminent with what is/ was our little rust bucket. After months of clients postponing production of new marketing and training materials or canceling them 2 days before […]

Forum Patrol or: Why the Adobe Forum really sucks these Days!

You know, it’s one of those days… It’s amazing how many people actually try to make a living in the media business, when they have not the slightest clue about how to use their programs nor even the most basic concepts of digital imaging or general principles. Let’s see what we have today. First, we […]