The .1

As I was hinting on Friday, there’s a few updates coming to After Effects by ways of a 12.1 update. As ever, I’ll spare you the marketing talk and if you feel so inclined you can watch videos on Adobe TV and the other usual places like Pro Video Coalition or read Kopriva-Man©’s list. Anything noteworthy? My favorite would have to be the Detail Preserving Upscale. Funny how they keep exploiting all that vector field and point cloud stuff that also drives the Warp Stabilizer and 3D Tracker… Perhaps a bit late to the party, considering that the “Let’s convert our old tapes to HD” wave is ebbing off, but since someone decided that HD is not good enough anymore and everything needs to be 4K, the same rabbit race is starting all over again already… The rest are mostly bug fixes, performance improvements, changes to default prefs and some convenience enhancements like changed behaviors for keys and some operations. For a point update I guess it’s kinda okay and at least it seems to tie up some very obvious loose ends in the initial release. Now the only real bad part is that it only  comes in Creative Turd, erm Cloud… ;-)

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