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Sunday Whale

One of those things I do “on the side” when propping myself on the bed in the evening is scribble away. Not only to conceptualize new ideas for stuff in After Effects or Cinema 4D, solve coding issues by drawing out UML diagrams and writing pseudo-code or figure out math stuff by constructing it with ruler and pencil, but I also make it a point to hone my drawing skills. Now I’m nowhere near as good as I was back at school – all that computer stuff really makes you sloppy – but I think it still is okay. I even still prefer sketching with an ordinary roller pen just like back then. It has this very natural “if you screw up, you really screw up and need to start over” feel so unlike meddling around with layers and history states in Photoshop. Anway, for a while I was pretty obsessed about whales and while I still haven’t been able to dig up that particular papercut model, the topic never has been completely from my mind, so the other day I found myself drawing a comical blue/ grey whale with its mouth all open and showing his teeth, that is baleen. I had to play a bit with the proportions and it’s not perfect, but perhaps you can still find it useful and print it out and have a coloring afternoon with your little ones. The tracing was done on cheap see-through office paper, so it looks a bit rough and has had only some minor cleanup done in Photoshop. Perhaps I’ll create a vector tracing one of these days. In the meantime enjoy!

Whale Scribble

Whale Preview

Full Resolution Version (A4, 300 DPI)


One comment on “Sunday Whale

  1. Pretty cool seeing 2d artwork for a change. The character design could fit well in a 1930’s Betty Boop or Krazy Kat cartoon.

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