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Eurovision Happiness

I love(d) Eurovision this year! It was funny, well-presented and even the worst acts had a certain quality despite dropping out. That includes the semifinals, which for the first time I actually managed to watch in their entirety on the day (and then again on YouTube). That being the case, I had a gut feeling […]

Speed! – Finally!

For years one of my biggest frustrations has been my crappy 1.5 Mbit DSL Internet connection and living in a rural area, the alternatives have always been limited and expensive. Luckily last year we got some shiny optic fibre connection all throughout our small town by a regional network provider and aside from reviving my TV consumption with […]

Stinky Expressions

After my last post there was a bit of fallout (When is there ever not?) over my admittedly somewhat cynical comment about AEScripts and its, shall we say, ambiguous offerings. I have hinted on my thoughts in the comments to this post, but just so I get this out of my head, a few more […]

I’m Awake!

Yepp, it’s once more time to talk about Star Wars. With the new trailer just coming online and a nice selection of images, how could we possibly avoid it? While I was less than impressed with the first teaser, this is much more like it. That crashed battle cruiser in the desert in the opening shot […]

Uninterrupted Fail

As I hinted yesterday, more info on the next version of what once used to be my favorite geek toy, After Effects, has publicly become available. And what can I tell you? Yepp, once more we need to chalk it off as a so-so release at best. Integration of Creative Cloud Libraries? Seriously? What have we come to! It’s […]

Sneaky 901

NAB will be starting tomorrow and while we’re waiting for Adobe to release their news for After Effects “oooh-ficially”, here’s a little diversion for you: modo 901 Sneaky Peeky FXGuide also have some complimentary info on other areas of the new version As always, the forums are burning with speculation, but suffice it to say […]


Yesterday my younger brother and I were channeling our inner child and went to see Spongebob 3D at the movies. Getting to the cinema was already a bit of a frustrating exercise since the weather was quite good and Leipzig’s inner city was swarming with people, so it was difficult to find a parking spot even […]