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Nodally Shady Maxon

With my energy these days being focused elsewhere and the extreme summer heatwave across Europe drawing everyone’s attention on other priorities, anyway, this is kind of an “Oops, is it really that time of the year again already?” thing, but yes in the run-up to SIGGRAPH the annual updates to your favorite 3D programs are […]

Your annual Maxon

Of course I’ve announced a hundred times that I plan on staying away from this stuff, but it’s that time of year (SIGGRAPH, that is) and I just can’t help but feel compelled to jot down a few lines regarding the latest R19 release of Cinema 4D. Yes, *boohoo* to myself for not having enough […]

Flowing inside a Box

As a part-time geek/ nerd of course I’m no stranger to node-based apps and workflows, be that XPresso in Cinema 4D,compositing stuff in Fusion or Blender or modo‘s Schematic view. I even dabbled with Nuke and Houdini every now and then and of course if it wasn’t for the price and licensing restrictions would also enjoy […]

modo meets Cinema – another Year, another Version

Since last year’s edition is still an extremely popular post on this blog and we’re approaching the one year anniversary pretty soon, I thought it is time to update and revise it. If you know the old one, some of it will be redundant, but you will hopefully still find some of the info interesting, useful or at […]

R16 in da House

After sorting out the mess with the missing parcel and helping out a friend to work out some technical issues on an animation he is working on the last few days, I finally had a chance to play around with Cinema 4D R16 a bit. Naturally, I didn’t have much time to go to deep […]


One of those days… No doubt many people are sitting at home counting the hours/ minutes until Adobe‘s this year’s Creative Cloud presentation and I’m in that “I couldn’t care less” mood because I already know most of the boring details just as I know that inevitably many people are going to be disappointed (once again). But more […]


In my eternal quest to make the world a better place I often stumble across stuff on forums and web sites that, while it usually solves the immediate problem, makes me think “There must be a more elegant way!” This is one of these cases. It must have been the time around Christmas when this came […]

I can do Nodes me!

As happens so often it sometimes only takes a slight nudge to finally make me do some projects that I had long on my list and this time my recent post on Nodes 2 and the associated video tipped the balance. So I sat down and crafted my own little parametric setup to create those […]

The Grid is here!

As I’ve been writing in my comparison article, I’ve been getting somewhat into modo‘s particles and while I’m still far from being a master, at least I now have an understanding how it ticks and now know how to structure my work. As a challenge to myself I tried to re-create this ever popular setup. […]

modo meets Cinema

Ever since I wrote that little article on modo‘s vs.  Cinema 4D‘s renderer this has been an extremely popular topic and people seem to hunger for more. Therefore I’ve sat down and collected my thoughts. I have used both programs for a long time – modo ever since version 1.0 covering about 8 years and […]