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Can as Can can

Though I’m mostly watching from the sidelines these days without actually using creative software and thus I cannot be bothered anymore about a lot of things that go wrong in “the industry” (thankfully), I remain a keen observer and occasionally some news stand out and still pique my interest. One of those is Autodesk and […]

modo goes 10

It is the day… or not? I really wish I could be more enthusiastic about the release of modo 10 v1, but as it stands, I’m one of those people who get pretty much 0.01 percent out of it or nothing at all. Not that it’s an issue, since I don’t have the money, anyway, […]

To Affinity and beyond?

Good news today for anyone getting tired of being chained to¬†Adobe‘s Creative Cloud just to do a bit of image editing. What currently could be considered the hottest contender in that arena, Affinity Pro, is coming to Windows just as well! You can apply for the Beta test right here. Why is this significant? Over […]


While last weeks news about the Unreal Engine and Unity 3D being free surely are relevant in terms of using these tools for previsualization and production planning (outside actually creating interactive stuff), I’m still more interested in the conventional side of these things and so I’m reasonably excited about Compagnie BUF releasing their in-house tools¬†step […]

MAX3D [maxed]

Nothing like a little leetspeak to make your day and while this may be a lame pun, it’s oddly fitting. Now Adobe‘s understanding and use of 3D has always been less than glorious in any of their programs with questionable decisions and half-baked features, but at least in the case of Flash this seems finally […]

War of the Game Realtime Engines

That’s really great news. I mean to people who actually are into realtime 3D and have been wanting to get their hands on such powerful technology for long, of course. First, Unity 3D have released a free version and now Epic Games is throwing them the gauntlet with what many consider one of the best […]