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Nodally Shady Maxon

With my energy these days being focused elsewhere and the extreme summer heatwave across Europe drawing everyone’s attention on other priorities, anyway, this is kind of an “Oops, is it really that time of the year again already?” thing, but yes in the run-up to SIGGRAPH the annual updates to your favorite 3D programs are […]

Core 4D

Just this moment everyone is going batshit crazy over the latest announcement on Maxon‘s corporate blog touting a massive rewrite that has been going on for years. I say: So what? This is just a confirmation of what anyone has suspected/ guessed anyway. It’s amazing how naive people tend to be and then rave over […]

Miracles happen?

Maxon, what took you so long? When it comes to being closed up, they were closed up as someone who has been tied, gagged and plugged during a BDSM play session (yes, I know how that stuff works; feel free to ask). Gathering from this thread over at CGTalk it seems they’re finally coming around. Did […]

modo meets Cinema – another Year, another Version

Since last year’s edition is still an extremely popular post on this blog and we’re approaching the one year anniversary pretty soon, I thought it is time to update and revise it. If you know the old one, some of it will be redundant, but you will hopefully still find some of the info interesting, useful or at […]

Plug-Ins ahead!

The lull of summer leaves everyone short on news, but those last two weeks a few bright spots have appeared on the horizon that could be interesting. The most notable to me is that Renato Tarabella has revived his N.O.T.A. plug-in, but now it comes as a MoGraph effector. The thing is that while for […]

The Grid is here!

As I’ve been writing in my comparison article, I’ve been getting somewhat into modo‘s particles and while I’m still far from being a master, at least I now have an understanding how it ticks and now know how to structure my work. As a challenge to myself I tried to re-create this ever popular setup. […]

Stuff! Stuff! Stuff!

It’s been an extremely busy week with 4 separate medical appointments during the last few days and the associated to and from trips, so I didn’t get much done. I dabbled a bit with modo‘s particles and the more i discover some stuff, the more I’m beginning to love it. Based on some stuff I […]

modo meets Cinema

Ever since I wrote that little article on modo‘s vs.  Cinema 4D‘s renderer this has been an extremely popular topic and people seem to hunger for more. Therefore I’ve sat down and collected my thoughts. I have used both programs for a long time – modo ever since version 1.0 covering about 8 years and […]

Annual Cinema

Just a few days we were picking up breadcrumbs from some generic article about the new render features in Cinema 4D R15 and just today, much sooner than we anticipated, we get the bigger picture. Yepp, today the new version was announced officially. The full details can be found here and if you search the […]

Creative Blob

We’ve all known for a long time that there is software and then there’s Adobe software. You know, the one where you get some weird new licensing model every year and you really wish they’d be as inventive in polishing up their technical underpinnings as they are in their marketing blurb. Of course the forums […]