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Bye-bye, Rabbi!

There are actors that you just remember in an odd way, even if they ever only played in one episode of your favorite series, and you never quite know why. So in this case I’m not sure if it was the fake Russian accent or the bearded face that was so memorable about Rabbi Koslov […]

I have always been, and forever shall be, your friend.

Boohoo, a sad day for every Trekker, Yepp, Mr. Spock or more to the point his human alter ego Leonard Nimoy has passed on to the Vulcan afterlife. Aww… Not entirely unexpected, of course, with the man being 83 years old and having a history of alcohol/ medication abuse and smoking, but nonetheless… He was one […]

There’s a (Plot) Hole in the Desert

For the last three weeks or so I’ve been kinda binge-watching Breaking Bad again, which, like so many other people, in my view is the only cool way to watch the series. I haven’t touched it in pretty much exactly a whole year after my run last year and while I remembered most of the story, I had completely forgotten […]

Green Mamba

It’s now been a while since I last was in Amsterdam and it would be kinda nice to go there again one day. Especially now that they have this new picture of van Gogh and the Rijksmuseum is also restored in its full glory it may be worth another trip. Since recently we even have […]

Nuclear Fission Friday

Living in the rural belt around a bigger city has it’s good sides like being close enough to go to work there using public transport, but just as well has its downsides like my measly DSL connection due to limited provider choice, which if course is pretty ridiculous, given that inside the city boundaries they […]

The Inner Light is Blu

I must admit that when it comes to HD I’m a late comer, at least where my private viewing pleasure is concerned. Which is nothing short of weird, given that in my professional life of course we are pointing out the advantages of higher res footage whenever we can to our clients and already the […]

To boldly send Money…

…where it has gone before?! Being a fan is indeed a bit weird – you easily spend money quite generously when you would fight over every penny if it were for something else. Now I’m definitely quite restraint and conservative in that regard, but I’ve had my share of spending on Star Trek paraphernalia over […]