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The (Haw)King is dead…

By now no doubt everyone has heard of Stephen Hawking‘s passing and for the last few days I have been pondering on what this meant to me as sort of a nerd with an interest in exotic physics. Unfortunately, the first things that always came to my mind aside from his cameo in one of […]

The Gray

After a few weeks ago Rance Howard passed away whom I honestly only ever remember as John Sheridan‘s father in a few episodes of Babylon 5, today the sad news of Bruce Gray‘s passing reached us. This is much closer to my heart and of course significant in that he also played in B5 (the excellent […]

To boldly go… Beyond!

Since due to my eternal health issues I’m still stuck at home a lot, I rarely ever get to go to the cinema these days. Usually I don’t mind too much, but this year I came close to disobeying my doctors’ recommendation of not staying in crowded, air-conditioned venues so as to not pick up infections […]

Inter arma, enim silent leges

“Under war, the law falls silent.” That’s one of the more intricate politically themed episodes on Star Trek – Deep Space Nine (and incidentally happens to play in huge parts on the Voyager; talk about cross-references in different series). A good part of it has Adm. William Ross in it in a somewhat shady mode […]

Chekov checking out…

The world is a strange place indeed. Cheap puns aside, that scrawny little wretch getting overrun by his own car is just weird. Yepp, the latest incarnation of everyone’s favorite man with fake Russian accent at the helm a.k.a. Mr. Chekov in Star Trek as played by Anton Yelchin has passed away, at the age of […]

Andrew-JJ-Star Wars

With the imminent release of Star Wars – The Force Awakens on DVD and Blu-Ray just two days away here in Germany (incidentally making it a perfect gift for my brother’s 40th birthday), it’s a neat touch that we get to see a few bits and bobs more of the creative process behind it by […]

Gary Hu(h)?

I must admit that when it comes to the many “invisible” people that are part of any production of a movie or a TV series I’m as oblivious, deaf and blind to them as the next guy. It’s always the directors, actors and producers that stick in your mind, is it not? Therefore I won’t pretend […]