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Your not so annual Particular

Trapcode‘s Particular, or as I lately have been calling it Tadpole Testicular *lol* is an odd tool in terms of its development. I loved the original version back then in 2004 and I loved v2 just as much, but powerful as it may be, this plug-in is one of those tools that didn’t evolve as quickly […]

I see Nodes everywhere!

Trapcode Particular has long been a staple of motion graphics design in After Effects, but with more than 10 years on its back, its age is showing. It comes from a time when things were much more limited and even though it still can do amazing stuff, you wouldn’t do some things the same way […]

30 Million Taos

In the motion graphics business only one thing is true: Everything comes back – sometimes with a vengeance – every few years and just like lens flares will never die out (I’m already expecting another onslaught of fan made videos heavy on this stuff after everyone has watched the JJ Abrams-ified version of Star Wars), […]

All Stuff must come to an End

Who would have thought? It’s now a bit more than a year when I lost my job and I’ve spent three quarters of that time down sick. I’m still looking for a new job (if ever anyone will hire a cripple like me) and because of all that I have some bad news for you. As I’m trying to […]

Effects from the Drawer

Yupp, everybody loves me for my quickfire mouth and so inevitably I do clash a lot with people. The latest incident revolves around César‘s polygon unwrap/ peel/ curl plug-in which I perhaps a pit too quickly declared as getting tiring after using it for two projects. Of course, as someone said in that discussion on CGTalk […]

Stu gives away Adobe’s next Secret?!

Ever since the Canadian with the rather prominent nose and the deep voice  took over as product manager, After Effects has seen a couple of performance-centric “enhancements” that kinda slavishly ape the aforementioned Canadian’s own product Nucleo Pro, only that they are not necessarily going anywhere when used every day. I’ve never been friends with […]


Continuing yesterday’s excursion into the obscure world of After Effects‘ 3D and plug-ins latching on to it, a very common question cropping up all over forums on what the difference is/ will be between Cinema 4D Lite/ Cineware and Element 3D. The long and short version is, that one offers what the other doesn’t and […]