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Your annual Maxon

Of course I’ve announced a hundred times that I plan on staying away from this stuff, but it’s that time of year (SIGGRAPH, that is) and I just can’t help but feel compelled to jot down a few lines regarding the latest R19 release of Cinema 4D. Yes, *boohoo* to myself for not having enough […]

Maxon does a Radeon

The last days came with a little surprise that had everybody a bit stumped – Maxon is going to integrate AMD‘s ProRender (which until not so long ago¬†was called Radeon Render). Never heard of it? Quite naturally so. Similar to the already integrated intel Embree acceleration stuff this is more of an API with a […]

Metal Meltdown 8x

It’s that time of year again where the Apple Panzer divisions roll out and explain their plans which territories to annex next. So far nothing new here, ‘cos ultimately everyone saw it coming that they are going to usurp the streaming market, roll out new versions of OS X and iOS and show a few […]

What’s your Language?

The After Effects team is seeking people who speak exotic languages like Chinese or Hindi. Well, not quite so exotic, considering that a few billion people speak these langauges. The good news buried in there is that the next version of the program will not only get a new 3D space (based on CUDA/ OpenCL […]