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Your annual Maxon

Of course I’ve announced a hundred times that I plan on staying away from this stuff, but it’s that time of year (SIGGRAPH, that is) and I just can’t help but feel compelled to jot down a few lines regarding the latest R19 release of Cinema 4D. Yes, *boohoo* to myself for not having enough […]

Render War Veterans

Times they are a-changing, are they not? Once, long ago, a free version of Renderman or Mental Ray would have had us drooling all day. These days the only reason to write anything about them is  when they are given away for free. NVidia are clearly playing for keeps with their Mental Ray for Maya effort […]

Cinema Ray

How strange a place the 3D software industry has become once again becomes apparent when you read this bit of news about Maxon partnering up with nVidia over iRay. The funny thing of course is, that this feels a bit like someone picking up the pieces at a bargain price now that Autodesk have decided to […]

Solid Quicktime

Before we get to the juicy bits, just a quick update on that Quicktime thing. Adobe have now issued some semi-official statement via their blogs. Of course it’s just the usual evasive jibber-jabber where they don’t commit to anything, but at least it should ease the minds of some people. Now for the good parts. […]

Mental-ly done!

As I was writing just this week, I’ve been testdriving M4D in order to make up my mind whether it would be a worthwile investment. Now that I have, I have come to the conclusion that it probably isn’t. The biggest disappointment in all that is iRay. It is nowhere near anything like what I’m […]

Going Mental?

Still being stuck deeply in all kinds of CAD visualization stuff has once more raised my desire to go looking for alternatives to Cinema 4D‘s built-in renderers. Now granted, it has gotten better with the introduction of the physical renderer in R13 and some other additions and changes and the more I re-learn the program, […]

Let’s get physical…

No, not what you think! My sex life may not be what I want it to be, but I’m not that desperate… ;-) On the other hand, a matter that has made me bang my head against the wall for years is Cinema 4D‘s renderer. I’ve always been an outspoken critic of what I considered […]