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Adobe and the Linux Curse

An interesting discussion popped up on mograph.net regarding the creation of a perfect Linux distribution for artists, over the course of which it was suggested that Adobe do it. While the idea is sound and on an idealistic level makes a lot of sense, it still falls through. First, of course: Who as an artist actually […]

Metal Meltdown 8x

It’s that time of year again where the Apple Panzer divisions roll out and explain their plans which territories to annex next. So far nothing new here, ‘cos ultimately everyone saw it coming that they are going to usurp the streaming market, roll out new versions of OS X and iOS and show a few […]

Adobe buys The Foundry ?

It’s Monday and the end of the (VFX) world just has been announced… Or so it seems. What undoubtedly can only be considered surprising or even shocking news, it seems Adobe may get involved in the bidding war for The Foundry. OMFG! Of course for now it’s only a rumour and in fact the article exposes […]

701 is coming!

As I wrote a while ago, this will be the year of the 7.something versions for many products and now Luxology have dropped the ball on modo 701. The info is of course a bit on the sparse side for now, but it looks like a solid update, if nothing Earth shattering. I still won’t […]


I must admit, as much as I love modo, I haven’t listened to a single modcast in all those years. I always have other things to do and, well, having people talk about creating visual content and software is kinda a weird concept in the first place (FXGuide, do you hear – erm – see […]