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Dear Evan Tony

The Tonys have been downright boring this year. Naturally, since I’m not privy to accessing the live stream of the awards ceremony (nor would I probably care to watch it in the middle of the night at 3 AM around here) it took me a bit to scrape together bits and pieces and watch video […]

The 4th of Frank

One of the few luxuries I’m affording myself from time to time is trying to keep my DVD and Blu-Ray collections complete on my very limited budgets, and of course the fourth season of House of Cards was high on my list. It’s only been released here about a week ago after becoming available on […]

Mister Gaaaariiiibaaaaldiiii!

Imagine the above headline being shouted out by G’Kar (Andreas Katsulas) in his unique voice and intonation and you may understand why I still consider Babylon 5 perhaps the greatest space sci-fi series ever created – great writing, great acting, unique dynamics, decent effects for the time (let’s put aside the cheesiness factor of very 90’s […]

The United States of Frank

It’s a coincidence that today is Valentine’s, but of course it’s a fitting hook to talk about Frank again. What do you think he would give Claire on a day like this? Totally nothing! He would consider it pathetic just like his birthday gifts. This little example beautifully begins to offer insight in the mind […]

Quite Frank-ly

The best way to watch a good series is binging on it, is it not? So with a long weekend with lots of downtime in bed (infection again) I have managed to breeze through season 2 of House of Cards. My brain still hurts from all the complexity! As much as I like being intellectually […]

House of Frank

With the usual delays (not least of all my recent infection) I finally got round to firing up the House of Cards Blu-Ray collection I got just before Christmas and finished season 1 just yesterday after a bit of binge-watching for the last few days. With those “critically acclaimed” series it’s always a bit difficult […]