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Nodally Shady Maxon

With my energy these days being focused elsewhere and the extreme summer heatwave across Europe drawing everyone’s attention on other priorities, anyway, this is kind of an “Oops, is it really that time of the year again already?” thing, but yes in the run-up to SIGGRAPH the annual updates to your favorite 3D programs are […]

Torn Fabric

Ah, the times… It seems another one has bitten the dust. While elsewhere 3D software is getting worse and worse (Hello Maxon!), the last few bits of truly innovative programs die off. This time Fabric Engine is the victim of this trend. Now granted, it was nerdy stuff and at the end of the day, […]

Can as Can can

Though I’m mostly watching from the sidelines these days without actually using creative software and thus I cannot be bothered anymore about a lot of things that go wrong in “the industry” (thankfully), I remain a keen observer and occasionally some news stand out and still pique my interest. One of those is Autodesk and […]

Solid Quicktime

Before we get to the juicy bits, just a quick update on that Quicktime thing. Adobe have now issued some semi-official statement via their blogs. Of course it’s just the usual evasive jibber-jabber where they don’t commit to anything, but at least it should ease the minds of some people. Now for the good parts. […]

To Affinity and beyond?

Good news today for anyone getting tired of being chained to Adobe‘s Creative Cloud just to do a bit of image editing. What currently could be considered the hottest contender in that arena, Affinity Pro, is coming to Windows just as well! You can apply for the Beta test right here. Why is this significant? Over […]

Adobe and the Linux Curse

An interesting discussion popped up on mograph.net regarding the creation of a perfect Linux distribution for artists, over the course of which it was suggested that Adobe do it. While the idea is sound and on an idealistic level makes a lot of sense, it still falls through. First, of course: Who as an artist actually […]

Knit your own Fabric!

My hyper-stimulated nerd genes love dabbling in obscure “generative” software and node-based interfaces are just always nice, so quite imaginably, the now released Fabric Engine 2 with Canvas is just up my alley. For now it’s of limited practical use to me because the plug-ins for modo and Cinema 4D are still in Beta, but […]

R17 not so cute

Alas, my predictions were too optimistic and thus wrong, but well, perhaps I need to change that flickering light bulb in my crystal ball. The cat’s out of the bag and the new features for Cinema 4D R17 have been announced and it’s pretty lackluster, if I may say so. A lot of stuff like […]


While these days I barely can get even the simplest things done (too busy with the mundane issues and daily battles of a person with a chronic illness finding its way in the German healthcare system), whenever I have time I still love to geek out. Now I missed my window of opportunity for getting […]


While last weeks news about the Unreal Engine and Unity 3D being free surely are relevant in terms of using these tools for previsualization and production planning (outside actually creating interactive stuff), I’m still more interested in the conventional side of these things and so I’m reasonably excited about Compagnie BUF releasing their in-house tools step […]