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Going Fu-Fu-Fucking Fusion?

Best news of this year’s SIGGRAPH so far: Fusion is going 9 and they’ve lowered the price to a ridiculous level that even I might be able to afford the Studio version despite living off charity. With this there’s barely any excuse left to not take the plunge, considering that you get pretty much all […]

RevisionFX* (*now with more vision)

I don’t keep track of After Effects plug-ins as much as I used to, but this news has been all over the place, so I can’t possibly avoid posting it, too: Revision FX have a new web site! Happens every day on the web, you say? Quite right, but in case of this company it’s a […]

The Original

Aside from having limited access to it way back then with version 4 (my computer sucked, so I actually never pursued it fully), I’ve long been salivating over Nuke and finally there’s a chance to get a bit into it (again) with the “free” non-commercial edition. As much as I hate to say it, nothing […]

New Year, new Blogs, same old Shit

The new year has already started over here and it’s around 5 o’clock in the morning. I slept through most of New Years Eve and while I woke up at midnight from the fireworks, I didn’t even bother to look out of the window and dosed off again quite quickly. Before getting into the new […]


We live in interesting times! After an eternity of node-based compositing apps being so expensive you ware barely able to afford them, this year we’ve been blessed with quite a few ones in the free to “Okay, I can scrape together those few dollars.” range. Resolve got a a nodal part, Fusion was “liberated” and is […]

Flowing inside a Box

As a part-time geek/ nerd of course I’m no stranger to node-based apps and workflows, be that XPresso in Cinema 4D,compositing stuff in Fusion or Blender or modo‘s Schematic view. I even dabbled with Nuke and Houdini every now and then and of course if it wasn’t for the price and licensing restrictions would also enjoy […]

Awesome Fusion

A few weeks ago the news of Blackmagic acquiring Eyeon and thus Fusion made quite an impact and everyone immediately started speculating that there would be a free of charge “Lite” version similar to Resolve or at least they would considerably slash the price so it becomes affordable. and what do you know? They did exactly […]