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Your not so annual Particular

Trapcode‘s Particular, or as I lately have been calling it Tadpole Testicular *lol* is an odd tool in terms of its development. I loved the original version back then in 2004 and I loved v2 just as much, but powerful as it may be, this plug-in is one of those tools that didn’t evolve as quickly […]

There’s a Diaper coming your Way (among other Things)

Working on my little diaper empire, I’m busy prettying up the imagery with Photoshop for the next article in my little series. Amazing how complex things can get once you commit yourself. Below is a sample shot with an overview of various types of bum and crotch wrappings in sampler packs. ;-) But of course […]

Stu gives away Adobe’s next Secret?!

Ever since the Canadian with the rather prominent nose and the deep voice  took over as product manager, After Effects has seen a couple of performance-centric “enhancements” that kinda slavishly ape the aforementioned Canadian’s own product Nucleo Pro, only that they are not necessarily going anywhere when used every day. I’ve never been friends with […]

Element + .5

After this mornings discovery of what old age can do to your face (but I suppose it’s okay; even Rick thinks it’s not the best shot of him when I pointed it out to him), now lets cram  in some more pleasant news before I can finally dump my rotten body back onto my bed […]

Dr. Greenfinger

Unlike one of my cousins and her husband who breed the most beautiful blossoming cacti and orchids I have absolutely no talent for anything to do with plants and gardening. I always somehow manage to put everything to a quick death. Yet in an odd way I enjoy the mathematical beauty of such structures and spend […]

Things you plug in

It’s 4 in the morning and because I could no longer sleep for the last 2 hours already due to some severe pain in my chest (probably yet another lung infection brooding), I decided to get up and type something into my blog in a week that seemed rather uneventful. My new most favorite software […]

Something Particular

It’s funny where live takes you. When it was new, I did all sorts of weird things with Particular (some of which you can still find on my download pages) and then of course for a while everyone went crazy over those light trails, but as I moved more and more into the "serious" visualization […]