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With a strange mix of bewilderment and confusion I’ve been following the MOX file format discussion ever since it started out on the After Effects Mailing List. Let me start off by saying that in fact it would be great to have something that matches what MXF and AAF once aspired to be in a […]

Flares are a Go!

I swore to myself that I’ll never ever do lens flares again, but inevitably one can’t help but dabble around and try out ideas and once you reach a certain point you actually want to finish what you started. So here is one more collection of flares that I’ve been toying with on and off […]

I see Nodes (lots of them)

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you’ll know about my obsession about data graphics such as my custom relationship diagram using Plexus as well as my interest in fake UI stuff in movies and what could be better when both go together? The new version of Yanobox Nodes looks pretty rad. Too […]

The Blitz is here!

Despite not necessarily getting crazy over lens flares all the time, there are those days when I find I’m not in the mood for anything else and enjoy putting some of those weird and wonderful ideas that run through my head into reality. While this can be exhausting if you need to do too many […]

Switch now! – Or maybe not…???

Here I was, ready to bring you good news on how Adobe wants to spread the love just in time for Valentine’s Day, yet some person who missed his geography lessons in school still seems to think the world consists only of the US and what they probably would like to be their 51st and […]

Prelude to Invasion?

As CS6 creeps nearer, inevitably we get more scraps of info on the various products (or at least products that we simply assume will be in the final package) by various routes. The latest new product to join the ring (if, like me, you don’t care for Edge and Muse and don’t count them) is […]

Walking with Dinosaurs

Inevitably the beginning of the year is quite uneventful, so it’s been one week since I wrote something here, but just for fun let’s see what happened this week. Of course there was the big SOPA/ PIPA protest blackout on Wednesday. I will not waste too much time explaining the details, but suffice it to […]