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Viva La Diva?

This year Eurovision kinda snuck up on me. With my health issues keeping me busy I barely took notice of the going-ons before the semi-finals this week. Unlike in other years the anticipation just wouldn’t build up as usual. That’s not bad, though, as diving in unprepared and being positively surprised can be just as […]

The fat Lady sang…

…and she won! Yupp, the chubby girl with her chicken imitation took home the prize and next year’s Eurovision Song Contest will once more be in Israel, pretty much exactly twenty years after Dana International. That could be fun, but it doesn’t change the fact that the song wasn’t particularly good and it seems to […]

Eurovision Happiness

I love(d) Eurovision this year! It was funny, well-presented and even the worst acts had a certain quality despite dropping out. That includes the semifinals, which for the first time I actually managed to watch in their entirety on the day (and then again on YouTube). That being the case, I had a gut feeling […]

Eurovision War Song Contest

Ah, yes… That day of the year that equals the madness surrounding the Super Bowl was again yesterday and I actually managed to sit through The Eurovision Song Contest without too much struggling to stay awake (and zapping to and fro Monsters vs. Aliens and The Adjustment Bureau on other channels). Like in recent years, […]

Saturday Night

As has become a bit of a habit and ritual in recent years, I was once again watching the Eurovision Song Contest (battling hard to not fall asleep after I already had to put in several extra half hours of rest throughout the day) and it just didn’t click with me this time. While the […]

La Conchita, go!

Ah, what a night! Say what you will about all the campy-ness, mediocre¬†music, distasteful¬†clothing and the bad English, but the Eurovision Song Contest is still fun and worthwile watching in its on weird and wonderful way. Conchita Wurst took the crown and it didn’t really come that unexpected. You could have bet on it and […]

Evaporated Drop

Tonight is going to be the annual Eurovision Song Contest and no doubt it’s going to be once again full of kitschy, over-the-top performances and bad songs that will be fun to watch, but you’d never buy the record. On the other hand there will also be some folklore-themed songs or at least more traditional […]

Daft P(h)unk

The last two days have been terribly exhausting to say the least. With the weather being rainy and humid, my damaged lungs are now showing first signs of COPD like symptoms and I’ve been hitting my inhaler spray heavily. It’s funny that something as trivial as walking a a couple of hundred meters to the […]

We are one!

Strangely I’ve gotten into that kinda habit of watching the Eurovision Song Contest in recent years. Even when I was in hospital two years ago we would stay up till late at night. Yesterday’s version wasn’t all that bad. While some may criticize the songs getting more mainstream and commercial, I think it does the […]

Drushba – Friendship

The above used to be the tag line of a song we learned when the part of Germany, where I live, was still a communist country and I was too young to understand aal that went wrong. Yesterday evening, while I was kinda half listening, half watching the show for the Eurovision Song Contest, they […]