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Parting is sweet Sorrow

When it comes to my health and physique, in my life there is now three periods – the one as an obese child, the second where I was doing sports like crazy to get mean and lean and the current one after the onslaught of my illness where I’m back to being that slightly chubby […]

eBay’s Revenues plummet, and today I know why…

Ah, the pain, the agony! You know, I just want to sell off a few leftover inkjet cartridges from my mom’s now defective old Canon printer, yet I can’t help but feel that eBay doesn’t really want my money. First off, it is a real drag to even put together an offer. It’s really amazing, […]

Burned on eBay?

I would really have liked to avoid it and I hate myself for being stupid, but seems inevitable that everyone gets burned on eBay at some point. Seeing, that the person I was buying stuff from 3 days ago now has dissolved her account, I’m not all too optimistic I’ll get my stuff. I could […]