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Can as Can can

Though I’m mostly watching from the sidelines these days without actually using creative software and thus I cannot be bothered anymore about a lot of things that go wrong in “the industry” (thankfully), I remain a keen observer and occasionally some news stand out and still pique my interest. One of those is Autodesk and […]

State of the Ra-CC-e

Here we are again, a week after the latest Creative Cloud versions of Adobe‘s products have been released and it’s pretty much like it has been for the last five years or so – a veritable mess. Time-warping the numbering scheme forward to 2017 hasn’t helped and as you would expect, you will find all […]

The Grove doesn’t groove

…with me at least. It seems we’re in a phase where there’s a new plant generation tool coming out every week. This one, called The Grove 3D, runs as a paid plug-in to Blender. Yes, that freeĀ Open Source 3D program you never used. While they have some half-baked hubub about the alleged “science” used in […]

Micro-Plant-Station (or something like that)

The shuffling around in “the industry” continues. This time e-on Software got bought by Bentley (no, not those cars), which is an interesting move. While Microstation has been around forever, it’s actually one of the CAD programs I never got around to use first hand because none of our clients used it. Of course the […]


While these days I barely can get even the simplest things done (too busy with the mundane issues and daily battles of a person with a chronic illness finding its way in the German healthcare system), whenever I have time I still love to geek out. Now I missed my window of opportunity for getting […]

Quadratic Plants

The eternal race between SpeedTree and The Plant Factory just got more balanced again with the 2015 version of the latter tool also supporting quad meshes and even promising to merge them for contiguous (subdiv) cages. Interestingly, they also reworked their wind algorithm (since I only ever had the free PLE version I have no […]

The Not-News

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Yepp, it’s one of those times where my illness is keeping me on my toes a lot with three appointments per week and then on the other days there’s other stuff to attend to. Not that there would be much to report, anyway. I’m still waiting for my Cinema […]