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Dear Evan Hansen

Folks, I really need to find a wealthy man and move to New York! *lol* When it comes to musicals, Germany is such a wasteland. All they ever play here are those godawful cheesy Disney movie-based things, provincial low-budget versions of Cats and Phantom or similar or last not least Hello Dolly! and other stuff […]

Toruk – the first Cirque

My relationship to the Avatar movie has always been somewhat ambiguous. I still occasionally watch the thing on DVD (no, the extended director’s cut hasn’t really salvaged this mess) as a guilty pleasure when I’m just in the mood for something really dumb, but other than that I’m probably one of the few people who’s […]


While on a quite general level I have stopped keeping track of animated movies and Pixar in particular (they have been churning out so much garbage in recent years and even their better films these days begin to look old), I count Finding Nemo amongst the ones closer to my heart. I was immediately reminded […]

How Brave are You?

Ah, the little joys… I watched Brave (or as the German title is, Merida) the other day in preparation for writing a review. Didn’t catch it at the cinema back then. It’s still kinda hard to not ¬†fall asleep at 8 in the evening and sometimes I need 2 days to watch a single movie, […]

Or…? Not!

Since I don’t want to share in this weeks general “George Lucas has sold his ass to Disney and gets a lot of dough for it” nor any comments about a certain nature phenomenon, let’s have a somewhat fundamental discussion about something that has been irking me for quite a while. Many times I see […]

Spice up your HDR!

I must admit that when it comes to photography I’m living somewhat in the dark ages. until recently I only had a 7 year old 3.8 megapixels camera and when it finally gave up, I just couldn’t find it in my heart to spend a lot of money on a fancy DSLR and settled on […]

Sunday Movie Awesome

Just before I wanted to start writing my German review for the Up 3D BluRay, I made my usual rounds on my favorite movie sites and yes, there it was – the latest trailer for Prometheus. Simply mindblowing! It’s just extremely unfortunate that it took Ridley Scott so long to return to the Sci-Fi genre. […]