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Queer as your Neighbor

Yesterday my family and I were celebrating my grandma’s 89th birthday, we had a cycling race in the area and it was the international day against homophobia. I¬†usually don’t make too much of a fuss over it, but since I’m still watching Queer as Folk, it seems fitting to throw out a little comment. It […]

Daft P(h)unk

The last two days have been terribly exhausting to say the least. With the weather being rainy and humid, my damaged lungs are now showing first signs of COPD like symptoms and I’ve been hitting my inhaler spray heavily. It’s funny that something as trivial as walking a a couple of hundred meters to the […]

Parting is sweet Sorrow

When it comes to my health and physique, in my life there is now three periods – the one as an obese child, the second where I was doing sports like crazy to get mean and lean and the current one after the onslaught of my illness where I’m back to being that slightly chubby […]

A Message from the deep End

Not that I need to remind anyone here of it, but obviously this is my first post in 2 weeks, so aside from the usual uneventfulness in the After Effects world, something more must be going on. and right you are, my friends! I’ve been sick at home for several weeks now with serious breathing […]

Women can’t drive!

I really don’t get it – what can possibly be so difficult not going over a solid white cycleway demarcation line when doing a right turn? Apparently too big a challenge for some woman in her white Seat. *argh* So now here I sit with scratches and bruises and twisted thumbs from doing a 360 […]