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House of Frank

With the usual delays (not least of all my recent infection) I finally got round to firing up the House of Cards Blu-Ray collection I got just before Christmas and finished season 1 just yesterday after a bit of binge-watching for the last few days. With those “critically acclaimed” series it’s always a bit difficult […]

Christmas Survey

Surveys suck! I know because I have been guilty of imposing one or two onto people in my time as well. Designing them sucks, filling them out sucks, collecting the data sucks. Yet, inevitably this stuff sometimes is the only way to get a picture on some facts. A company that has this down to […]

What Santa will bring

It’s almost Christmas, so everyone is taking their last breaths and doing a bit of end-of-year cleanout. As a result, news are scarce, but some interesting random notes have popped up in the last few days, regardless. First, the long-expected Maxon blog has gone live just in time for you to ponder its deeper meaning […]

Christmas Scribbles

Yesterday I had a nice pre-Christmas meet with my ex-colleagues to catch up on the latest gossip. Before we met and sat down in a café I took a little stroll across the Christmas market in Leipzig and discovered some nice art prints in one of the huts. They are from Sergey Yakushev from Slovakia […]

30 Million Taos

In the motion graphics business only one thing is true: Everything comes back – sometimes with a vengeance – every few years and just like lens flares will never die out (I’m already expecting another onslaught of fan made videos heavy on this stuff after everyone has watched the JJ Abrams-ified version of Star Wars), […]


Last year’s Christmas presents included the first version of Natron and now, not quite a year later, we have version two on its way. For a free package the new features are not bad, though it’s still strictly a 2D affair. Some good news is that the OFX interface seems a lot more stable, so it […]

Silent Night, Silent Release

In the madness that surrounds my life with three medical appointments again just this week some things slip by. It so happens that I totally forgot to mention that Sapphire 8 is now officially available just in time for Christmas. If you haven’t participated in the public Beta because of potential compatibility issues, you should be […]