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Dear Evan Hansen

Folks, I really need to find a wealthy man and move to New York! *lol* When it comes to musicals, Germany is such a wasteland. All they ever play here are those godawful cheesy Disney movie-based things, provincial low-budget versions of Cats and Phantom or similar or last not least Hello Dolly! and other stuff […]

Varekai – at last!

My backstory with Varekai is certainly odd, to say the least. As I wrote a few years ago, I missed their first European tour and the respective dates in Germany. I was doing tradeshow work in Düsseldorf when they were in Berlin (back then the closest location, since they didn’t stop over in Leipzig) and […]


Somewhere inside me I have this alternate personality that not only loves the flamboyancy and artistic finesse of the Cirque du Soleil, but also enjoys the wonderful world of musicals – kitschy or otherwise. In fact I sometimes tend to think that if I lived in New York and had the money I’d be spending a […]