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Kurios(ity) doesn’t just kill Cats

As you know from reading my blog, it has become sort of a tradition for one of the more recent Cirque du Soleil shows to appear in the holiday programming of Arte TV, our go-to Franco-German cultural channel, every year. This year we got Kurios – Cabinet de Curiosités which launched officially early this year. […]


Ever since I bought the soundtrack ten years or so ago and it had been running in endless loops on my iPod when it was still fresh, Cirque du Soleil‘s «O» (or just O as they use it now after modernizing the branding like two or three years ago) has fascinated me. the music is easily […]

Egg Cirque

Unfortunately Cirque du Soleil shows seem to be getting more and more scarce here in Europe, so every single one counts even more  and I’m just as glad that I got to see Ovo yesterday. When it comes to the newer shows, I’m admittedly a bit more skeptical than for the older ones, mostly owed […]

Toruk – the first Cirque

My relationship to the Avatar movie has always been somewhat ambiguous. I still occasionally watch the thing on DVD (no, the extended director’s cut hasn’t really salvaged this mess) as a guilty pleasure when I’m just in the mood for something really dumb, but other than that I’m probably one of the few people who’s […]

I’m every Man, I’m any Man…

Yesterday was the day… Yes, it’s Cirque du Soleil time. We went to see Quidam. Seems unnecessary to say it, but once again I thoroughly enjoyed it. Just like Alegria it’s one of those older shows that has a slightly more artsy concept/ story which either you like or you don’t. Personally it’s one of […]

Kitty Patrol

The last few days have been pretty bad to say the least and while initially it was just a matter of blaming it on the weather, it looks like this is again a genuine onslaught of my illness. I’ll probably have to see the doctor again when I thought August would be the one month […]

Elma Om Mi Lize… O Ma Ley…

Entering the sixth week of being shot down with some rather persevering infection one of the few bright spots between sleeping and generally feeling like having been chewed on by a dragon and then spit out again has been a rerun of the snippeted together Amaluna show. Not only did I watch it on Whitsun […]

The Prison that is your Mind

There are mini-series and then there are mini-series… One of the latter no doubt is The Prisoner which I spent some time with over the weekend in preparation for writing a review. I actually was even somewhat prepared for what I got myself into for I had seen the original from the 60s (which more […]

Slava’s Delirium

End of year season is strange and I nowhere near as much enjoy it as one might think. The eternal dullness of the TV program is one of those things that spoils the fun of having a bit time to relax. Now Christmas is bad, but New Year’s Eve is even worse, in particular in […]