The King is dead!

Sad news today: The undisputed king of the fashion world, Karl Lagerfeld has passed away at the age of (assumedly) 85 years. Yes, that’s what everyone assumes because of course being coy about his age was one of his little vanity quirks. However, be that as it may, he was still a giant and one of the most famous/ notorious people on this planet if you even have the slightest interest in his work.

I don’t consider myself much of a fashion aficionado though I try to dress reasonably tasteful and stylish within what my budget allows, so I’m pretty sure he would have found me boring and awful. Similarly, I don’t have much of an inkling about women’s clothing or for that matter Haute Couture as such. That doesn’t take away from my admiration for him as a universal artist, though. You can literally see that he was living his lifestyle to the fullest and almost everything he did oozes creativity, be that his drawings, his photos, his books.

What I also liked is that despite his superficial mannerisms and appearance he seemed to be a rather deep, grounded and funny person. I all too well remember documentaries about him where he told brilliant dirty jokes, got full on philosophical or reminisced about his childhood. All this of course still has to be seen in the context of a privileged life and upbringing. He was far from what most people would consider “normal” or mundane. Still, it might have been fun to spend an afternoon with him and talk about his life.

In any case, his legacy can’t be disputed and I’m already anxious what great stuff they will dig up when going through his stuff. He once said himself that he never keeps stuff around he’s not satisfied with and botched sketches immediately end up in the trash, but I would imagine that there are still tons of drawings, unreleased photos and other things to find that will allow the world to better understand who he actually was…

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