Bad got even worse (again)!

Yupp, exactly what you would expect: It’s NAB, it’s Adobe, it’s the latest After Effects update being totally screwy. You have to hand it to them – if there was an award for “Most reliably predictable mess-up with every new version”, Adobe‘s video division in Seattle would have an entire showcase full of them. I really, really would love to write something positive, but one can really only wish them to shove it up their collective fat and lazy asses. Need proof? Here goes!

With the demise of Quicktime they have now fully switched to custom PNG handling code and – surprise, surprise – suddenly a lot of people are unable to import their sequences in that format. Similar observations seem to apply to items that are dependent on Camera Raw and Lumetri due to changes in their features.

The new Master Properties mess with the renderer not just when they are actually used, but seemingly even with mundane stuff and the crooked logic of this whole system drawing ghost images of other layers/ comps. Supposedly this is only to happen when re-using the same nested comp over and over with different tweaks, but alas, here we are.

If you ask me, this was bound to blow up in their face, anyway. Since it seems that these days their Beta testing force seems to consist of like five people, it was inevitable that only hours after release a user in the wild would come up with a way of totally breaking the upstream/ downstream inheritance logic. It makes you wonder why they even bother with such stupid features, as clearly it isn’t the much-requested “edit nested comps in the parent comp timeline” thing, either.

Looks like they already got themselves in a pinch by making everything dependent on the Essential Graphics panel (and the expression-based linking it uses) and with more and more features being dumped onto this ailing infrastructure, the more convoluted and error prone things can only get. but i told you that a hundred times already, so I won’t bore you with my gloating.

They also pimped the Puppet tool, but that seems so wrong, too. I never quite understood why people even attempt to use it for tasks it never was meant for. It always seemed that after the initial release most users simply forgot about all the other distortion effects and used Puppet even when it was possibly the worst solution to their problem. Will better interpolation and smoother motion help? Sure, but wouldn’t it make just as much sense to finally update Bezier Warp, Mesh Warp and a few other effects? Oh my!

As should be clear by now, this is yet another release full of bugs, quirks and neglected features in desperate need of renovation…

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