Modo, you suck!

It used to be that I was a big fan of Modo, but over the last few versions that enthusiasm has waned to the point of a freezing zero. With the latest version 12 announcement coinciding with NAB as usual I’m even more convinced I would never buy an upgrade even if I wasn’t in this shitty health situation and had the money. But wait? Buy an upgrade? That isn’t even possible now since they have moved fully to an annual maintenance/ subscription model. Good job of shutting out the last hobbyist who just want’s to create a few assets for his little free game or model his dream car! I’m sure the Blender community will see another bump of frustrated users moving over.

With regards to features there’s almost nothing there that I would use. It seems these days they are too busy trying to cater for realtime content creation (and boosting their own content marketplace) rather than trying to keep conventional 3D customers happy. It’s particularly disappointing to see that the procedural tool set is not showing any real progress and looks just as clunky and inefficient to use as way back then in v9. Other parts like the particle simulation haven’t received any significant improvements in a while, either…

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