The Gray

After a few weeks ago Rance Howard passed away whom I honestly only ever remember as John Sheridan‘s father in a few episodes of Babylon 5, today the sad news of Bruce Gray‘s passing reached us. This is much closer to my heart and of course significant in that he also played in B5 (the excellent episodes with Sheridans inquisitory interrogation), has had tiny roles in every of the mid-1990s to the 2000s Star Trek series and of course played in Queer as Folk.

As a supporting actor he always brought a certain gravitas to these things, playing older, well-mannered men with a twist. I’m sure he even popped up in some other series that I just can’t remember, but in fact now that I looked up his IMDB page, I’m slightly flabbergasted in how many crappy series and movies he played. I’m fully aware that even bad jobs pay the rent, but “My big fat Greek wedding”. Really? *yuck* Anyway, I shall fondly remember him from what little I knew his roles.

Speaking of other elderly men, of course Johnny Halliday also passed away last week, but strange as it may sound, despite having an inclination for francophone music, I never really could get behind Johnny. He was okay, but it’s just not my kind of music and well, lately he didn’t do himself favors by appearing in public with all too obvious cosmetic surgery. Those lips… Still, sad to think that I watched a concert of his on TV5 earlier this year (in May, I think) and then things went downhill so quickly.

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