Torn Fabric

Ah, the times… It seems another one has bitten the dust. While elsewhere 3D software is getting worse and worse (Hello Maxon!), the last few bits of truly innovative programs die off. This time Fabric Engine is the victim of this trend. Now granted, it was nerdy stuff and at the end of the day, unless you were a Maya or Houdini user who was used to rudimentary graphical UIs it was one hell of an ugly bitch (including the one in the Modo version), but it’s regrettable that it seems to be a goner. At least their website doesn’t offer any clues as to what happened, so we can only speculate. Either they really bankrupted because not enough users were into their subscription model (in which case I could of course point fingers at myself because even when I still could afford it I never took the plunge) or they got bought by some other company on the sly. Here’s hoping for the latter, so maybe it will be revived in some form. Perhaps the next few days and weeks will bring us some info that can unravel that mystery…

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