Atomic Lens Distortions

With the advent of action cams and cheap “VR” lenses (yes, the ironic/ sarcastic use of quotation marks is fully intended) the problem of lens distortions is more prevalent than ever. Personally I’ve never been too much a fan of people ironing out every bit of lens curvature on their video and photos because, you know – what’s the point of learning the art of lensing when you still doctor up your imagery to look like run-off-the-mill stock footage (which BTW is one of the reasons why you can always tell “bad CG” even in super-expensive movies) – but of course there are occasional requirements for that sort of thing, be it just for technical reasons to facilitate things like rotoscoping or integrating set extensions. To that effect our friends at Atomic Image Labs have been at it again exploiting their adaptive technology and just like their first effort it’s free. That should be reason enough to grab it. just don’t forget to bring some of that nice lens effect back after you’re done…

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