Dear Evan Tony

The Tonys have been downright boring this year. Naturally, since I’m not privy to accessing the live stream of the awards ceremony (nor would I probably care to watch it in the middle of the night at 3 AM around here) it took me a bit to scrape together bits and pieces and watch video snippets (as much as I can, *booh* to CBS for geo-blocking), but I don’t feel I missed much. As much as I love Kevin Spacey in House of Cards, he didn’t shine too much here and his presentations and performances seemed rather “rehearsed”. Indeed he’s neither Neil Patrick Harris nor Hugh Jackmann.

Adding to the boring factor was of course the utter predictability of the proceedings. I raved about Dear Evan Hansen when I got the original cast recording, so therefore I wasn’t too disappointed for them sweeping pretty much any award worth noting in the musicals, but still, it made for a dull evening. That said, it wouldn’t have hurt to allow for some variation and hand Come from Away a Tonty, as the lovely Jenn Collela likes to love-mock it, other than for directing and I’m sure War Paint would have been more than deserving, too, though I have yet to give it a full listen. At least the performance during the show looked promising.

Of course there’s only so many of those little statues to go around, but it seems odd how in some years they are flooding one show with awards and other years barely seem to be able to make up their minds to hand out any awards at all when there aren’t any new shows generating enough buzz…

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