It’s NAB, it’s AE, it’s ridiculous

By now I guess we should have gotten used to it, but regardless of my declared half-retreat from all this stuff it still pains me every time Adobe keep churning out these unmotivated updates for After Effects. Predictably the latest one is coinciding with NAB like every year and well, it’s just the same mess. Pretty much every “new” feature revolves around making the program “the best fix-it plug-in for Premiere Pro“, which many people cynically have been saying for years, and now that assessment seems more true than ever. The Essential Graphics panel really comes across as another title generator and it’s not even particularly stylish. ironically it just looks like what we expression people had wanted for years – a simple UI to concatenate our expression controls and perhaps store its settings reliably without resorting to flaky pseudo-effect hacks, but as far as I’m concerned it comes now for all the wrong reasons and looks ugly. Same for the marker colors. Adobe just has no taste. I’m also not particularly fond of the continued trend of “You have no skills with the camera and your footage looks like shit, but we’ll save your bacon.” tools. Mushing up your footage with the Warp Stabilizer in the first place and then throw another effect on top to fix the blur? Holy crap! Back in the better days my boss would have given me scathing looks for even trying (though of course we used other atrocious hacks all the time to fix “drunk camera” issues *lol*). Oh my… Well, again a “move on, nothing to see here” release, sadly.

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