Dear Evan Hansen

Folks, I really need to find a wealthy man and move to New York! *lol* When it comes to musicals, Germany is such a wasteland. All they ever play here are those godawful cheesy Disney movie-based things, provincial low-budget versions of Cats and Phantom or similar or last not least Hello Dolly! and other stuff from 50 years ago because they have to pay no royalties for them anymore. If that wasn’t bad enough, of course we all have to suffer poorly translated German versions. *eek*

How miserably dire the situation actually is dawned on me once me now that I’m run Dear Evan Hansen in an infinite loop. What a revelation! Someone give them some Tonys already! I’m not saying that everything is rosy on Broadway, but even some more mediocre outings there would easily top your average German production and then every two or three years there comes some real smash like If/Then or the subject of this post. Oh my! The best I probably can hope for is to get to see a re-run of Wicked one of these days. Now I’m depressed…

Edit: There’s some good info on this musical on Cuny TV.

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