Twitter = suck

I swear, I’ve tried! In the end I have to declare defeat, after all. Yes, I’ve shut down my Twitter account. There’s a number of reasons for this.

One of them is that you never seem to be able to find anything. This is worse than Facebook. Even the simplest thing requires you to click and opens up external links. At the same time, following other people is not an option because then you are flooded with too much garbage. Not only does my crooked 10 percent-ish Asperger object to that, but there’s just not enough hours in the day to sort through all this stuff.

What really tipped me over however is all that political nonsense over there. It’s disappointing to see how even reputable media outlets play it rough and operate at the lowest intellectual levels and it’s way too easy to get dragged into those pointless feuds. It’s funny, I’ve been a rude boy often enough and I’m not going to pretend anything else, but this stuff makes my own scuffles look like a tender slap on the butt…

Therefore if you want to keep following me around switch over to Facebook. That button in the sidebar should make it easy enough. ;-)

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