Black Oscars with a Touch of Gay

It’s of course once more the day after the Academy Awards, also known as Oscars, and while I haven’t seen most of the movies, I still follow these things with interest. After last year everyone went batty over the lack of diversity, this year seems like a self-fulfilling prophecy with several “black” movies having been nominated by a reshuffled, more mixed jury. The fact that Moonlight won (even if only after much confusion) tops it off and in a way I guess it might even count as a “gay” movie having received the honors on some level. Of course all of this is pretty much incidental, but it’s so much nicer when everyone is getting along and not everything is overshadowed by some agenda. In these difficult times those moments where you can just sit in front of your telly looking at a glitzy awards show through a soft filter are rare enough as it is…

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