This Blog will end (sort of)…

At long last I’ve decided to not extend my domain registration for this particular blog. I barely write anything these days anymore because – sad, but true – I’ve mostly lost interest in the things I used to geek out about in the past.

On the best of days I can’t decide whether to throw up, be bored to death, scream in a fit of rage or call in an air strike when Adobe, Maxon and the rest of the unglorious lot declare that they’ve finally found a cure for all the ills in the world with their software only to ridicule themselves with bugs, questionable licensing and generally being a major annoyance.

I’ve come to the conclusion that life is more enjoyable when I don’t get worked up on those things and I don’t spend my time on commenting on something that won’t change. It’s all FUBAR’d, anyway. Therefore I’m looking for greener pastures and spending what time I may have left on this planet with more pleasurable things, though of course running a rather diaper-centric health blog is probably just as obscure as some of the stuff I did in the past, but at least I’m enjoying it in a weird and wonderful fashion.

That doesn’t mean this blog will disappear entirely, but henceforth you will only find it in its free flavor at myleniumblog.wordpress.com for the rare occasions I might care to jot down some more comprehensive thoughts. On the bright side, I plan on being much more active on Facebook and Twitter, where I’ve been mostly just reading other people’s stuff. These are dark times and it’s time to step out of the shadows and contribute my part to the fight against evil, regardless which guise it chooses to take…


2 comments on “This Blog will end (sort of)…

  1. Sad I really enjoyed your grievances against Adobe and Maxon :)

  2. You are a legend in the industry and I will be said to see your blog end.

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