Tom Zarek’s last Trick

Ah, I vividly remember when back then everyone went batty over the news that Richard Hatch would be featured in the new Battlestar Galactica series and at the same time I barely knew what the fuss was all about. As a child of the Eastern block I only saw the original Galactica series and movies in some early morning reruns and that stuff never caught on with me. Hence my knowledge of Mr. Hatch‘s involvement was limited nor did I get much out of the cheesy acting and was slightly worried about his appearance on BSG.

As it turned out, I couldn’t have been more wrong and his role as Tom Zarek was up there with the others. in fact it’s regrettable that we didn’t get to see more of the power-hungry, always plotting and scheming wannabe-president of the twelve colonies. For long periods he isn’t even mentioned only to reappear with full force. Of course he gets his due for his unscrupulous mutiny and is then executed rather ingloriously. Yummy stuff! ;-)

Beyond those memorable moments my knowledge of Richard Hatch‘s TV and movie career is pretty much zero and looking at his IMDB page, I’m not convinced I would ever have watched most of the stuff he had roles in. It seems one of those cases where his early career as a young beau got in the way of being taken as a serious actor later on. So as much as I might want to say something more in light of his passing (at the age of 71), I just can’t think of much. May he rest in peace, after all.

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