Beautiful Frost, frosty Beauty

It’s been a while since we actually had something that you could call winter in these parts, so this year it’s actually nice to be able to go out and get to see some snow and ice. The last few days had the added benefit of an inversion high pressure zone weather situation, meaning it got quite foggy, but due to the low temperatures at about -5 C everything got sugar-coated with frost crystals. I quite like that, living perhaps not in the most close to nature rural area. It gives a whole new quality to the trees and makes it almost look like a fairytale forest. Anyway, this morning on my way to my physical therapy I had the good sense to take out my camera and snapped a few shots before this beauty fades.

Winter 2017

Look familiar? Yepp, it’s similar to a shot I posted back in 2009 (also below). Imagine that! How time flies. In addition to the consistent view the other big similarity probably is that even 7 years later I’m still stuck with a crappy cheap camera. Ah, how I crave for someone to have a look at my Amazon wishlist and send me some vouchers… ;-)

Winter 2009

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