His last Christmas…

Excuse the cheap word play and the language, but this has been a fucking awful year for the world of music (among other, more serious things that went wrong on this planet, of course). Many “greats” like David Bowie and Prince have left us and now George Michael is bowing out at 53, on Christmas no less. That’s a bittersweet irony, considering that his Wham! hit “Last Christmas” is drilling into everyone’s ears again right now and has reportedly still made him 8 million every year. Figures!

Aside from that little song, which as per his own admission he never liked very much, his life and musical career were colorful, to say the least. His battle with Sony over musical rights and profit shares (which he lost) as well as his involuntary outing as a gay man and some ensuing scandals like getting arrested in a public toilet have become legendary and triggered some responses with hugely successful songs (“Freedom” and “Outside“, respectively). Through it all he managed to stay on top and always come back, even if he made himself a bit scarce in recent years and there wasn’t much opportunity to hear his warm, silky, soul-y voice, he will clearly be missed… Mmh, now I need to think about how to get a disco ball spinning in my toilet/ bathroom. ;-)

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